About Us

We Are Polydeus

Based in London,  Polydeus started life many years ago as an idea to get our designs out there to the masses. From various choices of medium, we decided that our designs and the impact of them would be best suited to hand screen printing and T-Shirt production. From there we have set about producing our own products in house using the most ethical methods where possible in both concept and final production. Our goal is to keep our products simple and accessible to all while leaving you in the knowledge that after purchase you will own something very unique. With this in mind, production runs are small with each colourway limited to a certain number ( designs and production runs will vary from product to product ) . The final aim is to expand this project into our own clothing range but a start is a start, so here we are ........

It's been a long journey so far but we are very excited with what the future holds and where it will take us.

As well as polydeus.com, you can follow news of our progress, new products, updates and releases on the social media platforms below.

Please come and join us on the trip and most of all, share in the experience.

We hope you enjoy our work.

Team Polydeus